Frequently asked ob questions

How do I know if I am in labor?

Often times, this is difficult to determine without evaluation. We recommend you call the office to be seen or go to labor and delivery for evaluation. Labor is different for each person therefore, it is better to be evaluated and monitored if necessary.

How do I know if my if "my water has broke"?

Most women with term pregnancies, will go into labor if their water breaks. However, if rupture of membranes happens less than 36 weeks, you may not have any other symptoms. We recommend further evaluation if at anytime you are concerned.

Is it normal to have some spotting after being evaluated or after having sex?

This is not uncommon but if it continues or gets heavier this may be a sign of labor and needs further evaluation at our office or Labor & Delivery.

Do I need to come in if I am contracting?

If you are less than 37 weeks you should seek medical care immediately, if you have contractions 5 minutes apart, for more than an hour , you should probably be evaluated; but remember, every one is different and if you want to be evaluated at any time, you are welcome to come to the office or Labor & Delivery.

Can I ride roller coasters or go down water slides?


Is it normal to be swollen in my female region or does it mean I have an infection?

Most often this is normal in pregnancy but we recommend evaluation the first time just to make sure it is not an infection. Some vaginal infections can cause preterm labor and we recommend evaluation to rule out these causes. This can be scheduled in the office within a few days of having symptoms.

Is it safe to have sex while pregnant?

Yes, unless your provider tells you otherwise.